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About Barry

Barry is a Director for ComputerWorld and an avid Blogger following everything to do with enterprise technologies. 

Barry's has a wide range of responsibilities focused on everything from the selection and identification of technology, through to marketing and go to market strategy, managing and working with his fantastic team of architects and engaging with customers to planning and presenting at events surrounding infrastructure modernisation, workspace transformation and security. Barry blogs with his work colleagues at DefineTomorrow.co.uk and is host of the Define Tomorrow podcast.

Outside of work Barry is a proud father and husband who enjoys spending time with his family, photography and yet again more tech!

Barry has co-authored three books focusing on VMware Horizon cover 3 different versions of the technology. 

Barry enjoys talking about technology and sharing his findings with others in the community. Barry was awarded VMware's vExpert award for contributions to the VMware Community in 2010 through to 2018.

Barry can usually be found on twitter (@VirtualisedReal) chatting about virtualisation and technology in general.


Barry has been doodling for a number of years and primarily uses it as a way to capture what he has learnt at an event or with technology in an easy to reference fashion. Having received positive feedback from the community he now regularly shares his doodles on Twitter and now also on this dedicated blog. 

Barry regularly attends events and blogger briefings and shares his thoughts, opionions and doodles live online during these events. Please get in touch if you would like Barry at your event.