What device do you use for your doodles?

Over the years I have used a number of devices to create my doodles, most recently I am using a Apple iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil to create my doodles. Speed and accuracy are really important to allow me to create the doodles live during presentations and conferences. 

Can you create a doodle our product?

Get in touch, lets chat about it!

Why do you do it?

When attending an event or learning about a technology I find my doodles to be a quick and easy way to reflect on what I have learnt. After starting to share these on twitter I have got a good reception from the community so I have continued to share these online since. 


What application do you use?

Again I have used a number of application, when I first started I found that Penultimate by Evernote was the best application to use. Unfortunately after the undertook a large update to this application it was no longer as quick and simple to use as previously. Now I use Notepad Plus Pro on the iPad. Most important to me is to be able to use a single sheet of "paper" and to be able to quickly and easily zoom in and out when creating the doodles? 


Can you attend our event?

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Where do you work?

I am a Director for ComputerWorld Systems LTD where I look after product and technical strategy, manage the pre-sales archtecture and marketing teams. 

Check out their website >> www.computerworld.co.uk and their blog www.definetomorrow.co.uk

TechDoodles is a personal site and is not linked in anyway to ComputerWorld or Define Tomorrow.